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  • Don’t make the mistake of mastering the content and failing the exam. Learn how to analyze questions, synthesize answer option sets, and think like a clinician to pass the NPTE with ease.
  • The Modern Learning approach emphasizes clinical reasoning and teaches a system to approach each NPTE question.
  • Too much emphasis is placed on understanding “strengths and weaknesses”. Instead, understand the exam, understand what’s high yield information, and understand how to break down each question. Don’t waste precious time studying low yield content.
  • Modern Learning NPTE-PT Exams
    • Created by DPT, OCS for current version of NPTE
    • Meticulously written questions with the most thorough rationales for every correct and incorrect answer.
    • 500 TIPS: teaches students how to approach the question stem, action words, and analyze homogenous answer sets.
    • Best customer service in industry; students have ability to contact question developer directly.
    • Full year of unlimited access to detailed results report and content; no reoccurring fees or additional charges.
    • Compatibility on most devices; access content anytime from phone, tablet, or computer.